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Interactive infographic showing the economic impact of electronic transactions.

Visa wanted to visualise the findings of the Moody’s report, ‘The Impact of Electronic Payments on Economic Growth’. Beyond Words designed the interactive infographic and asked us to build the visualization in a way that could represent the data dynamically, allowing animations to reveal further sections of the data story. Visa expressed the value in being able to use the interactive offline on both desktop and on iPad when a data connection is not available. 

Our solution utilizes modern JavaScript libraries to create smooth animations that bring the data to life. Switching between filters beautifully re-arranges the bubbles, and clicking on a country reveals graphs that rise with elegance to convey the impact of the data.

Key Features:

- Offline functionality

- Desktop and tablet website

- Distributed via private app network

For offline use, we packaged the application, optimized for iPad and distributed via our network ‘Circulus’ to allow Visa to install the app on multiple iPads, easily and securely from the Web.

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