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Five WordPress websites controlled from a centralised CMS, featuring flexible modules.  

Building on our longstanding relationship with lead agency OPX, we provided the technical brief and build for a suite of five websites for Science Group. We were asked to develop the technical brief for Science Group’s re-brand. Science Group purchased a number of companies, and their marketing department faced the problem of unifying the look, feel, and content of three separate websites for their new subsidiaries, in addition to their own.

To respond to this, we developed a solution around a scalable, centralized content management system (CMS) for controlling all four sites. This ensured the marketing department would have one convenient interface for uploading and managing content. OPX’s unifying brand design for the four companies allowed for a great deal of code sharing, and this helped to keep the overall project efficient.

A modular layout solution was developed, in order to grant the Science Group team flexibility within the confines of a design language crafted specifically for them. The module system also enhances the back-end publication workflow, allowing functional layouts to be created with minimal effort.

Key Features:

- Centralised content management system

- Flexible modular layout

- User friendly back-end

- Wordpress CMS

- Service level agreement  

- Five mobile breakpoints



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