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OPX wanted to refresh their website with a groundbreaking new design and advanced functionality to best showcase some of their latest work.

Their previous site did not have the scope of visual functionality that they required. OPX also wanted to migrate from their old CMS, which was proving difficult and slow to use.

We created a solution that migrated their website over from their old CMS to a WordPress build that features a modular widget system for building pages and creating content; this helped simplify and accelerate the content creation process. Alongside this, we implemented the bold visions of OPX’s designers, such as curtain scroll and sticky header menus. One of the central pieces of functionality on the site is the private area, which allows OPX to curate projects behind a login area, to give clients direct access.

Key Features

- Private client area for curated / private work

- Flexible module-based layout 

- High production value front end

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