iPad Promotional Installation


Create a memorable experience within airport lounges to promote Godiva’s exclusive new Messages Tout Chocolat, designed to express the sentiments of Luck, Love, Joy and Zen to a special someone.

We created an app for an iPad built into a bespoke version of the iconic Eero Airnio Ball Chair. The app presented a relaxing audio-visual experience for each of Messages Tout Chocolat’s four chocolate sentiments: Luck, Love, Joy and Zen. The Messages Tout Chocolat pod offered to ease the stress of air travel, by allowing people to shut out the constant bustle of airport lounges, and take a moment to enjoy each unique composition. Calligraphy was central to Godiva’s aesthetic for this project, and the app mirrored this by drawing calligraphic lines which wove and swayed to a musical composition tailored to each sentiment. Lastly, the app allowed users to create artwork using the same calligraphy, and send it to a special someone from within the pod.



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