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Fairline designs internationally recognised luxury yachts and powerboats, with dealerships around the world. In 2015, Fairline are showcasing their brand new top-of-the-line yacht, the Targa 38 Shadow S, at four of the world’s largest international boating shows.

Fairline wanted to streamline the experience of meeting potential customers and taking their details. Our team designed a branded data capture iOS app for use by Fairline’s staff at trade shows; representatives could use the app, speak with customers, and take down details at the same time, dispatching them to Fairline’s Salesforce CRM.

The app was built and designed to be responsive on all iOS mobile devices, from the iPod Touch through to the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad; this allows any member of staff with an iOS device to access the app and collect data in any sales situation.

A seamless ‘offline’ mode allows the app to retain captured data and continue functioning even in the face of unreliable Internet connections. Once the data is captured, it is uploaded in a custom form to Fairline’s Salesforce CRM, and automatically assigned to the relevant Fairline representatives for following up leads.

The app also sends transactional emails to customers, to thank them for registering their interest and provide them with details of the sales representative assigned to them. The custom integration with Fairline’s Salesforce account was paramount to the sales pipeline and customer relations at Fairline; our developers consulted with Fairline’s sales and technical teams in order to implement the most effective and sustainable solution.

Lastly, a series of timely email campaigns were sent to over 20,000 customer emails in the run up to the shows. All emails tie into the Salesforce API, so Fairline’s sales team can monitor what contact each potential lead may have.


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