Powerful due diligence and data mapping website




Datarama is a Singapore-based startup that has big ambitions. CEO Raphael Bouzy recognised an opportunity to take advantage of modern web technologies and user experience design to become the one-stop information source for sophisticated financial risk-profiling and due diligence in emerging markets.  

Univers Labs fulfilled Raphael’s dream, by building the  Datarama platform, enabling users to assess the reputations of Asia’s business people, explore their vast corporate and political networks, and gather the intelligence they need to conduct investigations and identify investment opportunities in China and the Far East.

Powerful Data Mapping

We designed and built a unique force network diagram that allows users to navigate and analyse complex relationships and corporate ecosystems involving millions of businesses and individuals.

Complex Integrations

We designed the overall system architecture, integrating with over 20 API's frameworks and systems. We lead a team including Moody’s and IBM, and managed a project spread over four time zones from Singapore to New York.

Big Big Data

The platform effortlessly puts over four million data points at the users’ finger tips, one million companies and three million

individuals, surfacing actionable information through beautiful interactive data visualisations.

Comprehensive Data Management System

We built a bespoke data management platform that allows Datarama's growing team of analysts to easily push large chunks of new data in bulk to their platform with ease.