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Back to the ‘80s

SUPER-LOOPER is a cool and fun music making app. Shaped by the sounds of the ‘80s, SUPER-LOOPER brings retro electronic music composition to the desktop and iPad.

Users can record short loops with each of the eight layers, and combine them to produce seamless looping tracks.

With sounds from the greatest analogue synthesizers and drum machines by Moog, Yamaha, Roland and ARP, SUPER-LOOPER allows everyone to try their hand at composition.

The Disco Composer

We wanted to give everyone, from noobs to professionals, a fun platform for creating music. Our aim at the outset was to create something that both audiences would appreciate.

SUPER-LOOPER illustrates foundational ideas behind composition, allowing users to start picking up the basics. Together with its disco-themed animations, and professional soundset, SUPER-LOOPER is a fun experience for musicians and non-musicians alike.


We’d love to build on the SUPER-LOOPER format, giving users more sounds, and more musical control. We’d like to bring control over notes, chords, and other technical facets, for instance, for better arranging. Time is the only thing that holds it back!


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